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Why doesn't SPS teach AP Macroeconomics?

May 19 brings the first day following AP Exams for many Stamford Public School juniors and seniors (and a few ambitious underclassmen as well). But there's one exam almost none of them will be relieved to put behind them: AP Macroeconomics.

According to a September 2017 memo to superintendent Earl Kim, over 85% of all SPS students taking the AP Microeconomics Exam achieved a score of 3 ("qualified") or higher in 2017. But only 4 students even attempted the AP Macroeconomics Exam (I assume they studied for it on their own time).

When I took AP Micro at Westhill in 2008, the course lasted the full year. Many schools in other districts teach a semester each of Macro and Micro, providing students an opportunity to earn three extra college credits to be put toward college graduation. SPS should strongly consider doing the same.