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Stamford in the News: Trader Joe's in the "Insider"

I am pleased to welcome you into the New Year with a brand new segment here at Team Stamford, titled "Stamford in the News." Should be pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions.

Today's SITN bulletin is brought to us from the Insider, which is not to be confused with the Business Insider.

"We compared Trader Joe's stores in the city and in the suburbs — and the loser was clear," teases the Insider's headline.

After visiting TJ's in both Stamford and Manhattan, the Insider dutifully reports that the Trader Joe’s in a more spacious, less crowded suburb like Stamford is better than Trader Joe’s in NYC, because it is more spacious and less crowded.

Also, you won't want to drive to Trader Joe's in NYC, but should probably drive in Stamford. That more or less covers it. Anecdotally, I went to a Trader Joe’s one time while living in NYC. I had to buy chocolate babka cake for a Friday night dinner party. It took me five minutes to find the cake four levels down, and then twenty minutes to get through the check out line. I don't recommend the experience.

Some people have told me when they arrive at TJ's in Manhattan they go straight to the check out line, and do their shopping while moving through it to the cashier. Anything that would require getting out of line will just have to wait. P.S. Thanks to Holly for the tip on Stamford in the News! If you see Stamford mentioned somewhere other than the Advocate and send it my way, you too can get a call out in these pages.