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RTC filing error leaves Board of Education races this November uncontested (updated: possibly)

UPDATED July 11, 2018 (see below)

This November (as is the case every November), three of the nine seats on the Board of Education are up for election. A few weeks ago, the RTC nominated three candidates for the openings: incumbents Frank Cerasoli and Mike Altamura, and newcomer Elisa Esses (yes, relation). Incumbent Democrat David Mannis will also be running again in November, and it appears the Democrats are not contesting his nomination (i.e. he will be the only Democrat on the ballot).

However, a filing glitch when submitting the party's endorsements, as the Stamford Advocate generously describes it, has precluded the Republican nominees from automatically being placed on the ballot.

Pursuant to state statute, because the Board of Education has nine total seats, no more than six of them can be from any one party. See CT Gen Stat § 9-167a (2012). Five Democrats are not up for election, and will remain on the Board. They can only win one more seat. Theoretically, had all three Republicans ran in November, they could have all been elected, but it would have been a long putt.

Now, since Cerasoli and Altamura are not automatically on the ballot, they will be collecting signatures to petition as unaffiliated candidates in November. As of the time of this writing, the third nominee had not yet confirmed to her son that she will not be running, but I'm pretty sure that's the case. Accordingly, the three candidates up for the three open seats, Cerasoli, Altamura, and Mannis, will have an uncontested path toward election.


I can now confirm Esses will not be gathering signatures to petition her way onto the ballot. However, it appears there may be a Democratic challenger to Mannis, as Jaclyn Pioli indicated she is a Democrat-endorsed candidate for Board of Ed. Piolo ran previsouly in 2017 as a member of the Green Party.

I've also heard rumors that Theresa Claire Robbins, who sought the Republican nomination for Board of Education but was unsuccessful, may be gathering signatures as a petitioning candidate as well. However, I cannot confirm this rumor at this time.

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