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How much money does the city receive from traffic violations?

Libby Carlson, special assistant to Mayor Martin on communications, has a piece in the Advocate defending the city's traffic enforcement policies. In sum, she argues that Stamford does not make much money from "speeding tickets and traffic enforcement," so accordingly the DUI checkpoints it sets up are not implemented to drive revenue. How does this claim hold up?

Fairly well.

Carlson states that the city only gets about $120,000 a year for issuing traffic tickets. And the budget numbers for fiscal year 2016 (on page 102) confirm that the city only received $119,346 from the state in fines.

But what about other violations, such as parking and pedestrian infractions?

As Rep. J.R. McMullen (R-18) notes in the comments, the city keeps the fines generated from pedestrian violations. And it appears the same is true of parking violations. However, I have been unable to find the amount of either source of revenue online. So, while it appears correct to say the city is not getting rich off of DUI checkpoints, we do not know how much annually it is collecting in other fines and infractions.

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