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$40,000 has been spent on today's DCC primaries

[March 4, 2020: This post has been updated from the original version.]

Today, a smattering of voters will go to the polls in select districts throughout Stamford for races for the Democratic City Committee and Republican Town Committee.

The RTC races have been relatively low intensity affairs.

Not so for the DCC races.

Yesterday, I reviewed the two campaign finance disclosures (required to be made 7 days before the primaries) for the two "political slates" running candidates in DCC races: Democrats United for Stamford (the "establishment" group) and Democrats for Stamford (the "anti-establishment" group).

Each political slate had raised nearly an identical sum of money: $19,834 and $19,646, respectively. And this does not even include any money raised subsequent the filings.

Those monies appear to have been spent efficiency: significant purchases for yard signs; direct mail to voters; and door placards. I did not see anything that looked like a frivolous expense. Donors should feel confident that their donations were spent on campaign activities.

Each filing included the names and amount donated by each donor. Because these elections are intraparty elections, I believe there are no (or less) limitations on the amount that can be contributed by any individual to the slate. Each side had multiple $1000 donors and up.

I'm still working through how I feel about reporting on the names and amounts donated by individuals expressing their rights to engage.

The filings are available at the Town Clerk's office, for anyone wishing to view them. Because they were submitted in hard copy and are voluminous, they are not available electronically (which I think should be a requirement).