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How much did Bridgewater pay the city to shut down Harbor Point Square for a private event for their

We're taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled programming on Chris Murtha's nomination to be our next chief of police to grumble about Bridgewater—a private company—being permitted to rent all of Harbor Point Square and the adjacent boardwalk—all public land—for a private event that only their employees can attend, as they did this past Wednesday (and I understand do annually).

I suppose it’s only one day, and presumably the city got a nice check for allowing Bridgewater to rent public space for the day, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I am not opposed to private business renting public spaces; it happens all the time, as with farmers’ markets, art galleries, and the like. But, I’m straining to think of another example where a public space was rented for an event which the public was not allowed to attend—for free, for the price of admission, or otherwise.