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"4Stamford": panel discussion 6/26 @7pm with Superintendent Tamu Lucero and Michael Handl

Team Stamford has some friendly new competition when it comes to Stamford organizations with anodyne names working to make the city the best it can be.

I am very pleased to introduce "4Stamford," a new community organization focusing on (among other things) building relationships with city education officials to both improve SPS's responsiveness to the concerns of our city's parents, and dispel unhelpful myths about the quality of an SPS education.

Elliot Turner--one of 4Stamford's co-founders--is a Stamford transplant by way of New York, and was motivated to start 4Stamford as his children approach school-aged years. Since moving here, he's heard rumors about the quality of Stamford's schools, and wants to get the facts out about what our school system has to offer, and establish an ongoing dialogue with school officials to work to make sure that our students have the best experience in SPS they possibly can.

4Stamford's first event--a "Panel 4 Parents"--begins at 7pm on June 26th of this month at the Knobloch Family Farmhouse at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. It features a panel discussion with (1) Dr. Tamu Lucero, Stamford Superintendent of Schools, (2) Michael Handler, Stamford Director of Administration, (3) Marc Jaffe of the Children's Learning Centers of Fairfield County, and (4) Lynn Tusa of the Stamford Public Education Foundation.

You can register to attend at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/panel-4-parents-tickets-62049187791. I'll do my best to make it, but if I can't, I hope someone will pass along the following question I first asked in these pages over a year ago: why doesn't SPS teach AP Macroeconomics?