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Rumor mill (unconfirmed): Did Earl Kim drop the ball on a $20 million federal government grant for

To be clear, the following is just a rumor. However, I have heard this rumor from three independent sources with connections to city government, and would like to either confirm it is accurate, so we can hold the appropriate individuals accountable, or confirm it is inaccurate, so the chattering classes can avoid mistakenly spreading falsehoods (myself included).

Here's the story: Stamford Public Schools has mold problems, as you may have heard. To ameliorate these problems, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) procured a $20 million grant from the federal government for SPS.

Stamford Public Schools needed to fill out some paperwork to obtain the grant. Then-Superintendent Earl Kim delegated this task to one of his subordinates. The subordinate dropped the ball, and the paperwork did not get submitted on time (or a comparable display of bureaucratic impotence). SPS lost the grant. Kim--whose contract was extended for three years in August of 2018--stepped down as Superintendent. The Board of Ed wrote a nice letter thanking Kim for his service.

Can anyone confirm if this did or did not happen? If so, please send me an email at joshua@teamstamford.org.

If false, then I will publish an update, and avoid unfairly tarnishing Kim's reputation.

If true, heads need to roll. The individual(s) responsible for filling out the paperwork need to be relieved of their job duties, potentially as well as others who were involved in the grant procurement process. Tamu Lucero's first act--the new Superintendent appointed to replace Kim--needs to be to clean up SPS's central office and make sure those responsible for costing the taxpayers $20 million never have an opportunity to do anything like it again.