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Stamford in the News: Barstool Sports Pizza Review of Colony Grill and Riko's

"This is very good bar pizza," reports Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports and affectionately known as "El Presidente" before giving Colony Grill cheese pizza an excellent 8.4/10 on his Barstool Pizza review (link NSFW, although it's not very bad either) of Stamford's most well-known pizza establishment.

("They wanted me to try the hot oil," he later reports, before giving it a 6.2 while noting "It's spicy, and I'm getting like a hot tamale on it.")

After he tried out Colony, Portnoy proceeded to give Riko's a whirl, with similarly high praise and a score of 8.2 (also NSFW): "I gotta be honest . . . Riko's can get in the ring with Colony Grill . . . I just don't know how there can be so much Colony Grill hype, no Riko's hype, these guys are the same . . . [it] makes no sense."

Of course, what Portnoy doesn't know, but many of our Stamford readers will, is that Colony and Riko's have a little history with each other. Around 2011, after working in the Colony kitchen, a father and son worked together with Rico Imbrogno to open up what was then "Rico's" (with a "c").

Lawsuits were threatened, and as far as I can tell were resolved out of court, as both Colony and Riko's operate today without much public acrimony.

Personally . . . I can't tell the difference. Both are pretty great. I am somewhat partial to Colony's however, as I was there on my birthday a year or two ago and some friends gave me a t-shirt of special counsel Bob Mueller in the Obama "Hope" portrait, which, independent of your politics, is a pretty funny t-shirt.