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Andy George (D) elected Chairman of the Board of Education

I'm a little behind current events, but one (and maybe two) interesting things have happened on the Board of Education since Jackie Pioli (D) was sworn in last November.

First, Andy George (D) was named chairman of the Board. As we've noted previously, George is the Board member most willing to vote against the wishes of Superintendent Earl Kim. However, at least to a layperson, his reasons for doing so remain unclear.

Second, at George's request, the Board has re-established the Labor Committee. Connecting the dots leads me to believe George wants to more closely scrutinize collective bargaining agreements the school district has with its unionized employees, but, in fairness, anything I have to say on the subject does not rise past the level of speculation. Draft minutes from the December 18, 2019 Board meeting indicate Board members want to focus on (1) grievances, (2) minority hiring, and (3) custodial, security, paraeducator & administrator contracts. Something to watch for as the Board makes clear its priorities in the new year.