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Why is the Advocate spreading misinformation about the rally to support the police?

*Updated 8/3/2020 @10:23pm Today’s Advocate includes a front-page article on yesterday’s rally to “Back the Blue,” where hundreds of Stamford residents came to the old Stamford Police Station to show their support for Stamford’s police. It takes the Advocate only six paragraphs to misinform its readers. “As demonstrators approached the steps of 805 Bedford St.” the Advocate explains, “they carried signs that read, ‘Police Lives Matter,’ ‘I Got Your Back,’ ‘Defend Not Defund’ and ‘Free Derek Chauvin.’” Stop right there. “Free Derek Chauvin”? That name sounds familiar, and for good reason. “Chauvin” the Advocate continues, “is the former Minneapolis police officer who is charged with murder

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