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What lessons can government employees learn from previous municipal bankruptcies?

As some of you may know, when I’m not writing articles on MERA, making charts on the Board of Representative’s voting records, or running for office in special elections, I’m a bankruptcy lawyer, and spend much of my time working on municipal restructurings. With the benefit of this experience, I submitted an op-ed to the Hartford Courant on what might happen if Congress passes, and Connecticut avails itself of, a bankruptcy law for states. You can find it here: https://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-esses-connecticut-bankruptcy-coronavirus-0519-20200519-jbfw5uueknekhazl2a4nngu2qi-story.html There is at least one lesson I’ve learned that there wasn’t space to emphasize in the article:

Stamford Education Association likely to be forced to choose between layoffs, pay reductions, and/or

At last night’s Board of Finance meeting, Monica DiCostanzo (D-7), chair of the Board of Representative’s Fiscal Committee, reported that thirty-three (33) out of forty (40) members of the Board of Representatives signed onto a letter promising that there will be no increase in the mill rate this year. The Board of Finance had already pledged to have no increase in the mill rate over last year. As explained previously, the Boards of Finance and Representatives have power only to reduce, and not increase, the proposed budgets from the Mayor and the Superintendent, except in special circumstances not applicable here. So, if either Board has a majority in favor of no mill rate increase, there

Jackie Pioli (D) resigns from the Board of Education

What in the world is going on with the Board of Education? This afternoon, Jackie Pioli submitted her letter of resignation from the Board, effective June 15, 2020. Pioli was elected in 2018 in an upset win over incumbent (and Board president) David Mannis in 2018 (who now sits on the Board of Finance). If Mannis was an “establishment” candidate, then I suppose that made Pioli an “anti-establishment” candidate by default, although, of course, these descriptors do not tell close to the whole story. In her two-paragraph resignation letter, Pioli noted “I feel that my contribution has met its limit and that it would be beneficial to the organization if I were to step down.” This is just the l

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