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End the city’s $100,000 slush fund for the “arts”

The city announced the winners of the Stamford Community Arts Partnership Program (CAPP) a program where you, the generous taxpayers, “donated” $100,000 to various arts programs throughout the city. I like the arts! And we should fund the arts. But “we” should not include the compulsed taxpayers of Stamford, especially in a time of rising property taxes, decreasing or stagnant home values, and flat if not diminishing city services. The Mayor’s press release announcing the grant recipients grinds my gears for at least three reasons: First, the press release states that “[t]he grant highlights Mayor David R. Martin’s commitment to increasing the participation and accessibility of art through

Why Stamford’s Board of Representatives is totally ineffectual at restraining city spending (and the

The Board of Representatives just squandered $100,000 to learn an invaluable lesson: democratic (small “d”) municipal self-governance in Connecticut is a farce. An illusion. A sham. Why? The principle of federalism is reversed when it comes to the state of Connecticut and its relationship to its towns and cities. In short, unelected, state-appointed arbitrators decide how much to pay Stamford’s government workers, and then Stamford’s residents pony up property taxes to cover those costs. It is the state of Connecticut, and not its municipalities, which has the final say over municipal employee contracts. [Note: if the image is too small, press "Ctrl" & "+" on your keyboard at the same t

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