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Will Chris Murtha be confirmed as our next chief of police? (Updated August 1, 2019)

I don’t believe so, but it will be close. I don’t see how he gets past 18 or 19 “yeas,” although there is always the wild card of which Reps will be absent from the meeting this upcoming Monday, August 5th (I believe there were two absences at the July meeting when the first vote was expected, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more in August as people often take off for summer vacation). Remember, Murtha needs an affirmative vote in favor; a tie means he is not confirmed (which is precisely what happened when the Mayor sought Ernie Orgera’s re-appointment to be director of the Office of Operations). I’ve counted projected votes below (cumulative projected totals in parentheses), and

How much did Bridgewater pay the city to shut down Harbor Point Square for a private event for their

We're taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled programming on Chris Murtha's nomination to be our next chief of police to grumble about Bridgewater—a private company—being permitted to rent all of Harbor Point Square and the adjacent boardwalk—all public land—for a private event that only their employees can attend, as they did this past Wednesday (and I understand do annually). I suppose it’s only one day, and presumably the city got a nice check for allowing Bridgewater to rent public space for the day, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I am not opposed to private business renting public spaces; it happens all the time, as with farmers’ markets, art galleries, and the like. B

Stamford Trivia Question: What does Life Time Fitness have in common with chief of police nominee C

Stamford Trivia Answer: Those who are opposed, are really opposed. Those in favor; well—their support is much less energized. In hindsight this point is obvious. On the one hand, you have a candidate facing allegations of racial discrimination, nominated by a mayor with a public relations problem,* with a preferred hometown candidate interested in the same job. On the other hand, you have the candidate himself, who, as far as any Stamford residents are concerned, is just “some guy” from out of state that nobody in Stamford (other than a handful of his family members) has any connection to or investment in whatsoever. A basketball friend I’ve played with for over a decade drove this point

Half a cheer for the Stamford Advocate correcting its false statement that the court “agrees” Murtha

Last Wednesday, I lamented that in a Tuesday article, the Stamford Advocate falsely stated that the federal judge presiding over the discrimination lawsuit which named chief-of-police nominee Chris Murtha as a defendant “agreed” with mayor’s office that he had committed no wrongdoing. On Thursday, the Advocate corrected that statement, writing that “A federal judge in Maryland last week dismissed Murtha from the civil suit for lack of evidence, but told the plaintiffs he would reconsider if they should obtain more information.” I would give the Advocate two cheers, but I’m still docking them because, first, they were not transparent with this correction, which should have been prominently di

False statements from the Stamford Advocate regarding chief-of-police nominee Chris Murtha’s dismiss

Updated: July 17, 2019 @1:34 p.m. I've gotten some pushback from my use of the term "fake news" to describe the Advocate's reporting, and whether or not what the Advocate inaccurately reported qualifies as "fake" as popularly understood. That debate is not what I want the reader to focus on; what is important here is that the only daily newspaper in town printed a material falsehood about an issue of critical importance, and that falsehood should be corrected. Accordingly, I have edited this article to eliminate any references to "fake news," as it is distracting and not at all important to the substance of the dispute over the allegations made against Mr. Murtha in Prince George's County.

Thoughts on the Board of Reps’ letter in opposition to Chris Murtha to be Stamford’s next chief of p

Note: I drafted this piece (beginning with the following paragraph) over the weekend (my friends can attest I make for a very exciting person to spend a day at the pool with...), and had been tinkering with edits since, only for news of Murtha’s dismissal from the discrimination lawsuit in Prince George’s County to hit the newswires today. I may have further thoughts on the implications of this news later, but for now, I’ll simply observe that (1) dismissal is not final, as it could be appealed to the circuit court, and (2) if my earlier observation that the discrimination issues were likely pretextual grounds for opposing Murtha’s nomination, many if not most of the signatories to the Bo

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