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Mayor Martin's failed leadership (likely) sinks his nomination for chief of police

Transparency has been one of, if not the largest complaint this Board of Representatives has had with this Mayor (Reform Stamford has specifically raised this issue, although this complaint is far from limited to their members). Time and time again, it seems as though the Mayor makes a decision, foists it upon the Board, and expects them to go along without their involvement or input into the process. Even when the Mayor's decision is a good one, the Mayor's failure to communicate his process, and involve additional city stakeholders, hamstrings his ability to effectively lead. I am thinking specifically of the decision to approve repairing the West Main Street Bridge for pedestrians only

"4Stamford": panel discussion 6/26 @7pm with Superintendent Tamu Lucero and Michael Handl

Team Stamford has some friendly new competition when it comes to Stamford organizations with anodyne names working to make the city the best it can be. I am very pleased to introduce "4Stamford," a new community organization focusing on (among other things) building relationships with city education officials to both improve SPS's responsiveness to the concerns of our city's parents, and dispel unhelpful myths about the quality of an SPS education. Elliot Turner--one of 4Stamford's co-founders--is a Stamford transplant by way of New York, and was motivated to start 4Stamford as his children approach school-aged years. Since moving here, he's heard rumors about the quality of Stamford's scho

Get local government out of the facilities management business

Sunday's Advocate brings news that ABM Industries, the facilities management company for the city's schools, has been given the pink slip (well, technically, their contract has not been renewed). In ABM's place, is the confusing and similarly-named AMG (standing for "Asset Management Group"), consisting of four city officials who are also members of the Mold Task Force. The AMG will oversee the hiring of five facilities managers, each in turn responsible for about five schools, with help from city union labor. No tears should be shed for ABM. But I am skeptical this new model will produce the results the district desires, for the same reason the old model failed: No one is on the hook fi

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