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Team Stamford in the Stamford Advocate: How the City can save $2m+ a year by maximizing our cash ma

Team Stamford makes its debut appearance in the Stamford Advocate today, with an op-ed piece explaining how an improved cash management system could save the taxpayers north of $2 million a year, by making certain purchases on credit, and receiving a cash back reward for such purchases. Hopefully, this piece finds its way into the hands of the right individuals (I assume Director of Administration Michael Handler on the city side, and Clarence Zachery, Chief Fiscal and Operations Support Officer on the school district side), and, to the extent there remains room for these suggested improvements, the city and the school district can look into presenting them before the Board of Finance and B

Rumor mill (still unconfirmed, but probably not true): Did Earl Kim drop the ball on a $20 million

Probably not. But we have learned some more about the source of this rumor, and the capital projects grants process more generally. First, the source of this rumor, at least as far as I can trace it, appears to be an April 9, 2019 meeting of Board of Representative's Fiscal Committee. There, Rep. Zelinksy (D-11) asked (beginning around 13:25), "do you [] apply to the federal government for grants?" Clarence Zachery, Chief Fiscal and Operations Support Officer for Stamford Public Schools, responded in the affirmative. Rep. Zelinksy then asked if anyone had initiated a grant available from the federal government to fix the mold issues in the school. Specifically, he stated "it's something

Rumor mill (unconfirmed): Did Earl Kim drop the ball on a $20 million federal government grant for

To be clear, the following is just a rumor. However, I have heard this rumor from three independent sources with connections to city government, and would like to either confirm it is accurate, so we can hold the appropriate individuals accountable, or confirm it is inaccurate, so the chattering classes can avoid mistakenly spreading falsehoods (myself included). Here's the story: Stamford Public Schools has mold problems, as you may have heard. To ameliorate these problems, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) procured a $20 million grant from the federal government for SPS. Stamford Public Schools needed to fill out some paperwork to obtain the grant. Then-Superintendent Earl Kim delegate

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