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Andy George (D) elected Chairman of the Board of Education

I'm a little behind current events, but one (and maybe two) interesting things have happened on the Board of Education since Jackie Pioli (D) was sworn in last November. First, Andy George (D) was named chairman of the Board. As we've noted previously, George is the Board member most willing to vote against the wishes of Superintendent Earl Kim. However, at least to a layperson, his reasons for doing so remain unclear. Second, at George's request, the Board has re-established the Labor Committee. Connecting the dots leads me to believe George wants to more closely scrutinize collective bargaining agreements the school district has with its unionized employees, but, in fairness, anything

Stamford in the News: Barstool Sports Pizza Review of Colony Grill and Riko's

"This is very good bar pizza," reports Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports and affectionately known as "El Presidente" before giving Colony Grill cheese pizza an excellent 8.4/10 on his Barstool Pizza review (link NSFW, although it's not very bad either) of Stamford's most well-known pizza establishment. ("They wanted me to try the hot oil," he later reports, before giving it a 6.2 while noting "It's spicy, and I'm getting like a hot tamale on it.") After he tried out Colony, Portnoy proceeded to give Riko's a whirl, with similarly high praise and a score of 8.2 (also NSFW): "I gotta be honest . . . Riko's can get in the ring with Colony Grill . . . I just don't know how there can be

One year in: has Reform Stamford delivered on their promise to mix up city government?

As many of you may know, a grassroots movement called "Reform Stamford" toppled many establishment party Democrats last election cycle, winning 8 of 40 seats on the Board of Representatives in November of 2017. In conjunction with the then 8 (now 9) Republican members of the Board, these Representatives formed a sizable minority on the Board which was vocally unhappy with the direction Mayor Martin was taking the city. As we commented on these pages back in July, after Rep. Graziosi (R-13) switched parties to run for state representative, "Stamford wants Republican governance. They just don't want to elect Republicans to office." Now, more or less a full year into the tenure of the 30th Boa

Stamford in the News: Trader Joe's in the "Insider"

I am pleased to welcome you into the New Year with a brand new segment here at Team Stamford, titled "Stamford in the News." Should be pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions. Today's SITN bulletin is brought to us from the Insider, which is not to be confused with the Business Insider. "We compared Trader Joe's stores in the city and in the suburbs — and the loser was clear," teases the Insider's headline. After visiting TJ's in both Stamford and Manhattan, the Insider dutifully reports that the Trader Joe’s in a more spacious, less crowded suburb like Stamford is better than Trader Joe’s in NYC, because it is more spacious and less crowded. Also, you won't want

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