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The mill rate is too damn high!

I've reached the age where many of my friends are getting married, and looking to leave Manhattan for the greener pastures of Connecticut's suburbs. However, they are finding that, like New York City rents, the mill rate is too damn high. One such friend is a 28-year-old Westhill High School graduate, and is looking with his fiance at homes in Fairfield County. They've narrowed their decision down to Shippan and Westport, CT. These are exactly the sort of people who should be moving into Stamford. But even the homefield advantage may not be enough in the face of such a large property tax disparity. As my friend laments, mill rates here in Stamford are more than 50% higher than those in W

Don't forget the local races! Stamford to elect three members of the Board of Education tomorro

You may have heard there is an election taking place tomorrow. November 6, 2018 qualifies as an uneventful day in municipal politics. Lost amid all of the discussion of who will be Connecticut’s next Governor, or which party which hold the state senate or house, is the one citywide race Stamford voters have to decide upon, for three seats on the Board of Education. First, some background. There are nine total seats on the Stamford Board of Education, with each member serving a three-year term staggered such that three seats come open every year. This year, incumbent chairman David Mannis is running for re-election, as are incumbent Republicans Frank Cerasoli and Mike Altamura. However, d

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