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How would a court review the Board of Reps' decision to reject Life Time Fitness?

Update: I'm informed that the time to appeal the Zoning Board's decision has not yet expired, notwithstanding the city charter provisions cited below. Further, if an appeal is made, it will be on the question of whether a condominium owner is a "landowner" per the city charter, and will not challenge if the Board of Reps abused its discretion in declining to approve the proposed text change. So, much of the analysis below may not be the most relevant to a Life Time Fitness appeal, although I hope it is instructive for future zoning issues. --- I've heard rumors that Life Time Fitness is considering appealing the Board of Reps' decision to reject the text change that would have allowed them

Corporations can (literally) vote to issue debt backed by Stamford taxpayers

My apologies for the sensationalist headline. I actually haven't decided if the state law (Special Act No. 18-9) creating the special Transportation Center Improvement District (TCID) in Stamford's South End is an outrageous delegation of our democracy to corporate interests, or a perfectly sensible mechanism to allow a large investor in our community to improve public works for the benefit of its residents. At this point, I think I'm leaning toward the latter. (To the extent it means anything, this bill passed with unanimous support in the State House, and 30-6 in the State Senate). Here's how the Act works: it establishes a "district," the TCID, more or less co-extensive with BLT-owned

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