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Law enforcement against common sense (and, a case study in how media bias operates)

When people talk about media bias, they are generally referring to one of two things: (1) media lies and fabrications which misstate the objective facts and circumstances of a given situation; or (2) the media's presentation (or omission) of certain facts or information, which, when taken as a whole, present a biased or incomplete picture of a given situation. Straight-out lies are rather rare. Biased presentation of information is ubiquitous. Consider the Advocate's story yesterday describing the arrest of Michael Picard, who was protesting the arrest of a friend by holding a sign outside of the Stamford courthouse (and later a nearby police station) saying "F*** Free Speech - Stamford PD

Area business opposes new competition (part 3876 of an infinite-part series)

If there's one thing I learned campaigning during the 2017 municipal elections, it's as follows: When a resident asks a politician "what do you think about adding commercial development in this neighborhood?", the correct answer is always "I'm opposed to it." I'm reminded of this lesson when reading about the tale of the horrid vacant building which used to be Frontier Communications' Stamford headquarters at the High Ridge Office Park. Readers may be familiar with Life Time Fitness' ongoing saga to put a new health club a stone's throw from the Five Guys near Exit 35. It's been previously opposed by community members on the usual pretextual grounds of traffic, noise, preservation of histo

Isn't that corruption? No, because we don't call it corruption

I have a riddle for Stamford taxpayers. Let’s say you’re a high ranking government official. And you’d like to get your son a plum union job working for the city—you know, the kind complete with mandatory paid time off, a full pension, and health care benefits. The kind that doesn’t exist for most private citizens unless you have the “right” connections to the people in power. But there’s a catch. Your son is a domestic abuser, and likely can’t pass the background check necessary to work for the city. Fear not—Representative Gloria DePina (D-5) has a solution for you. Let me help you connect the dots on some recent news stories the Stamford Advocate has diligently reported. Rep. DePina

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